Growing our hemp plants

Our hemp plants are grown using biodynamic farming practices. We produce and manufacture applying organic farming principles, using beneficial insects and rotating our crops outdoors. We do not spray any synthetic pesticides on our hemp plants. Our farms are located in southern Europe where they are bathed in sunshine.


We use a CO2 extraction process to pull naturally occurring phytocompounds including cannabinoids and terpenes from the raw hemp plant. Using CO2 extraction provides a cleaner healthier product. Containing no solvents, chemical residue, or toxic products resulting in a premium high-quality oil. The greatest benefit of CO2 extraction is its capacity to extract dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes safely, leading to the ‘entourage effect’ which amplifies the benefits of CBD oil.

Carrier oils

All of our CBD Oils are carried in MCT Oil. MCT helps you to rapidly metabolise the CBD by bypassing the bypass the normal digestive process. Studies show that when paired with a carrier oil CBD is absorbed 3 times more efficiently than when it is consumed alone.

Independent testing & verification

Guaranteed Concentration – We test each product twice in our lab and verify the results externally. Transparency – All independent lab test results are available to download. We process all our products according to EU food law and its highest standards.

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