Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Our premium range of full-spectrum CBD oil is crafted to help relax the body and mind. As our CBD oil is full-spectrum, this means you get the full range of therapeutic compounds contained in the hemp plant. In other words, you have access to the complete benefits of the plant. We’ve also paired our oils with MCT oil, offering you a mild gentle flavor, in order for quick absorption.

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Showing all 5 results

Full spectrum CBD – crafted to suit your needs

Within our range of CBD oils, you’ll be sure to find a product that suits your needs. Each full-spectrum CBD oil has been expertly synthesized to encourage natural healing, serving a particular purpose, from being a natural mood enhancer to promoting calm, body relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being.

Full-spectrum strengths for everyone

Sense 5% strength CBD oil is perfect if you’re new to CBD and would like to start with a low dosage. Use it during the day to reduce stress, and for an improvement in your overall sense of wellbeing.

The 10% strength CBD Oil may help if you are suffering from moderate conditions, including trouble sleeping, stress and pain, and is perfect for those who are micro-dosing.

Our higher strength oils, Sense 15% and 20% strength full-spectrum CBD oil may help if you are suffering from chronic conditions, such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Special offers on Full-spectrum CBD oil

Be sure to check out a selection of our full-spectrum CBD oils which are currently available at 3 for the price of 2. Get your 10%, 15%, and 20% strength CBD oils at a 3 for 2 discount now!

Sense CBD High quality full-spectrum CBD oil


What is so great about our full-spectrum CBD oils? The fatty acids in the MCT oil that is paired with them create a strong binding agent for the cannabinoids. This ensures that CBD oil can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to every part of your body.


Our hemp oil is distilled using a premium CO2 extraction method which pulls the CBD from the plant leaving behind a pure quality, high strength, uncontaminated CBD oil.


We grow our plants using biodynamic farming practices, which seek to maximize the health and vitality of plants by balancing the needs of farming with the needs of nature. Our oils are also tested independently to ensure consistency.


All our full-spectrum CBD oils are able to be delivered quickly to your doorstep so that you can start to feel better and live well immediately!

FAQs | Full-spectrum CBD oil

What can I expect from a full-spectrum CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is made up of small amounts of all the components found in the cannabis plant, like terpenes and fatty acids, as well as traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Since it is extracted from the complete plant, the oil formed imparts the healing properties of other chemical compounds and cannabinoids, in addition to CBD.

The positive interaction of several chemical compounds like phytocannabinoids (like CBD and THC), flavonoids, and terpenes, from the same plant, can also produce a synergy called the entourage effect, which can increase the therapeutic benefits.

What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD oil and other types of CBD oil?

Three types of CBD oils are most commonly available – Isolate CBD, Full-Spectrum CBD oil, and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil. The difference between the three types of oils lies in the chemical compound content found in them. Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC which means you get the full benefits of the plant without the high.

Whilst Broad-Spectrum CBD oil contains a non-detectable amount of THC. CBD isolates, on the other hand, will only contain CBD as their constituent.

How often should you take full-spectrum CBD oil?

We recommend that you take full-spectrum CBD oil drops 3 times a day, under your tongue. Beginners usually start with a milder amount and gradually go up as their body gets adjusted to the compound. The correct dosage depends on the concentration of CBD in the chosen or prescribed product, as well as the health issues, weight and tolerance of the person taking it. Micro-dosing is a very effective method that you can adopt to identify the right dosage you need without missing out on the benefits of CBD.

How long does full-spectrum CBD oil stay in your system?

There are several factors that influence how long CBD stays in your system – the frequency of use, the dosage, how you consume it and your metabolism. Typically, CBD remains in your body for a period of 2-5 days.

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