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CBD Oil and Chronic Pain – How Effective Is It?

CBD Oil and chronic pain, how effective is it? CBD or Cannabidiol belongs to a group of compounds called Cannabinoids, generally found in the cannabis or hemp plant. Unlike THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the most famous cannabinoid, CBD is non-psychoactive, i.e., you won’t get ‘high’ from consuming it.

The use of CBD for medicinal purposes is legal in several countries worldwide, including the UK and the US.

While there are several CBD-infused products available in the market, CBD oil is the most popular type, due to its high bioavailability. The compound is found to be effective for a wide range of health issues, including anxiety, depression, heart diseases, sleep disorders, etc. In addition, it is used extensively for relieving various types of chronic pain.

But is CBD oil really effective in managing chronic pain? Let’s find out in this article.

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Can CBD Oil Treat Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is classified as high levels of pain that last longer than a couple of months and do not go away, even after recovering from an injury or illness. Chronic pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK, corresponding to just under 28 million adults. When you hurt day after day, it can take a toll on your emotional and physical health.
Some of the most common types of chronic pain include:

  • headache
  • post-surgical pain
  • post-trauma pain
  • lower back pain
  • cancer pain
  • arthritis pain
  • neurogenic pain (pain caused by nerve damage)
  • psychogenic pain (pain that isn’t caused by disease, injury, or nerve damage

CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties, which has made it a popular product for pain relief among a considerable portion of the global population.

Several studies conducted on animal models have shown that the use of CBD indicates positive results in lowering pain. Unfortunately, the research on the efficacy of CBD in managing chronic pain in humans is far too limited. This is mainly due to the restrictions on using or conducting research on cannabinoids and cannabis.

At the same time, with the legalisation of CBD for medical use in several countries, the research on its effects is showing an upward trend. One such study, conducted by researchers at Syracuse University, was to ascertain whether the effectiveness of CBD is a result of its pharmacological effect or a placebo effect. While more research is needed, the initial findings seem to favour the efficacy of the CBD.

In Canada, a drug containing equal amounts of CBD and THC was approved to treat chronic pain in patients who have cancer and multiple sclerosis. A study on the effects of this analgesic has also revealed that a combination of CBD and opioid therapy shows promising results in pain management.

In patients with fibromyalgia, CBD treatment decreased pain by more than 30% in significantly more patients than placebo.

In studies of patients with general chronic pain, CBD did not did not massively reduce measures of pain, it did however improve the patients quality of life and quality of sleep.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using CBD Oil?

A major cause of CBD oil’s wide acceptance and use for pain relief or other health issues is the compound’s lack of any significant side effects.  But some minor side effects include dry mouth, changes in appetite, drowsiness, diarrhoea, fatigue, etc., but these are usually well-tolerated.

But that doesn’t mean that using CBD is free from any concerns. For example, this CBD can negatively interact when taken in combination with some other prescription drugs. Therefore, it’s best to have a detailed discussion with your doctor about all your current medications before you start using CBD.

In addition, the purity of CBD oil also remains an issue as many products have been found not to contain the mentioned CBD dosage.

Top CBD Oils

2000mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce suffering from chronic conditions
  • Help with sleep problems
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Alleviate pain

3000mg CBD Oil UK Full Spectrum

Key Benefits:

  • Sourced from nature – our hemp plants are grown using organic methods
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil gives you the full range of therapeutic compounds from the hemp plant
  • 30% CBD Oil may help if you are suffering from chronic conditions such as pain, problems sleeping, and anxiety.

Is CBD oil effective for chronic pain?

Of course, more research is needed before one can entirely claim that CBD can treat chronic pain. But as far as current research is concerned, this cannabinoid does show positive results in helping to manage pain, if not in totally alleviating it.

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using CBD oil for chronic pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can CBD oil aid in treating chronic inflammation?

A number of studies suggest that CBD reduces inflammation by altering the activity of the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. The research examines CBD’s effects on chronic and acute inflammation. A study conducted in 2017 on rats showed that CBD decreased inflammation in osteoarthritis patients of rats.

What is the most effective CBD strain to treat discomfort?

This is among the most well-known high CBD strains. It’s got about 13 percent CBD, with very little or no THC. It’s used in many products that promote health and wellness and aid in relieving pain, anxiety, and depression, without psychoactive effects.

Can CBD help reduce pain and inflammation?

CBD is among the primary phytocannabinoids that are pharmacologically active in Cannabis Sativa. CBD isn’t psychoactive, however, it provides a range of beneficial pharmacological effects such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Does CBD influence the brain?

Studies have demonstrated that CBD has the ability to alter blood flow within the brain. By reducing the flowing blood to the part of the brain that is responsible for anxiety, one’s anxiety level is decreased.

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Disclaimer: Despite the general safety of CBD products, minimal side effects can occur, especially at first use. Contact your medical professional for advice.

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